San Jose Plumber Reveals Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Pipes In Good Working Order

San Jose Plumber Reveals Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Pipes In Good Working Order

If you want to prolong the shelf life of your current plumbing fixtures, piping and other plumbing related components then you’ll want to heed the advice recommended for you here in this article.  We’re going to discuss the importance of using filters and strainers in your plumbing fixtures, why it’s important to avoid corrosive cleaning solutions, and some naturally powerful yet less abrasive alternative solutions you might want to consider using. After reading this article, you should be able to not only be able to keep your pipes free, clear and in good working order, but you should understand the simple plumbing tricks to ensure you get the most life out of your current plumbing components.

So, why would you want to use filters and strainers?  Well, for one, it keeps out hair and other major debris from clogging up your pipes.  That should be fairly important.  Typically speaking, the most likely plumbing emergency happens when something gets stuck and clogs up the pipes, right?  Well, plumbing filters and strainers minimize that problem, and the solutions are so freakin’ inexpensive, like two bucks for some of these items, so why not?  The next thing you want to do is avoid abrasive cleaning agents.

You want to avoid abrasive cleaning agents because they can really degrade the integrity and usefulness of some plumbing elements. If you’ve ever used something like colored tablets to clean your toilet, you probably didn’t know that those tablets have the power to corrode washer and other rubber plumbing components used for keeping your plumbing working in tip top shape.  Harsh chemical solutions can also deteriorate piping, which can lead to needs for stuff like repiping and such.  It’s not unfathomable to get a quote for a $300 toilet washer ring washer replacement, all because you were using harsh chemical cleaners to keep the odors at bay.  This could have been avoided if you simply had used some less abrasive alternatives.

Using natural and less abrasive alternatives can significantly increase the longevity of your current plumbing fixtures.  Solutions like baking soda and vinegar are good alternative plumber cleaning solutions.  Yeah, it’s not as powerful as the harsher chem based stuff, but it’s just fine at cleaning, and effective enough to keep your pipes disinfected.  Ok, perhaps it requires just a bit more elbow grease, but so what, no bother.

These are really simple solutions you can employ that can greatly increase the shelf life of your current plumbing components and will keep you from having to search out a San Jose Plumber sooner than is needed.  Remember, use filters and strainers to minimize hair and other debris, which are usually the culprits for most plumbing emergencies.  Avoid corrosive cleaners and instead use less abrasive, natural alternatives like baking soda and vinegar and voila, just like that, you’ve done just a handful of things that can keep you off the need for a new plumber list for some time to come.

Use the money you would have spent on a plumber and instead go buy yourself a new toy, like a flat screen tv, or enjoy a nice weekend vacation.

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