How to install a filtration system

How to Install a Water Filtration System (for San Jose, CA)

How To install A Water Filtration System

How To install A Water Filtration System

It is widely known that tap water is not exactly the best choice when it comes to drinking water, and it is generally not recommended to drink water directly out of the tap or directly from the city water supply.

Whether you are in San Jose, or any other city for that matter, you should never drink water directly from the tap.

However buying bottled water regularly can add up into quite the expense over time, so more and more people opt for a filtration system. A unit through which water passes and it gets filtered and treated further until it becomes safe to drink without having to worry.

There is just one small problem with this unit, it needs to be installed.

You could call a plumber and have him install it for you, however plumbers in San Jose are not exactly cheap. This whole expense can be avoided if you install the unit yourself.

So how can you go about installing a filtration system by yourself?

Decide on the type of unit

There are quite a few types of filtration units on the market that are suitable for households. From the larger ones that handle the flow of water in the entire household to smaller filtration units that handle the output of an individual faucet, they all differ among themselves but they all follow the same principles.

Seeing as you are only looking to address the drinking water problem, smaller units or individual faucet units might be the preferred way to go.

These units are actually split into 2 main groups, the ones that attach to the pipes, you basically installing an additional faucet that leads to the purification unit, and the ones that attach directly to the end of the existing faucet, driving the water through a hose into the filtration unit and out a small pipe.

Installing the actual unit

For the pipe mounted unit, first of all check the pipes that are under the sink in question and measure them up.

Also, make sure that you have at least a basic set of plumbing tools on hand.

Make a trip to your local San Jose hardware shop and purchase a T junction matching the pipe measurements and an extra bit of pipe.

At home, simply disconnect the pipe leading to the faucet, add the T junction in place, connect the old faucet pipe into one of the of the 2 remaining openings in the junction, and the new bit of pipe in the other one.

Then you will want to attach the new filtration unit to at the end of the new pipe. Make sure it is locked in nice and tight, then attache the rest of the components like the hose and the extra faucet as presented in the instructions manual that comes with the unit.

Make sure to check all the joints, junctions and connections for leaks.

With the faucet mounted unit, simply unscrew the head of the faucet off, the one with the small metal mesh inside of it, and screw in the bit of metal that connects to the filtration unit via a small little hose.

Make sure that it’s screwed in nice and tight and then screw the head of the faucet on to the end of the connector, as you would normally do on a normal faucet.

Again, make sure that the joints and connections are secure and that there are no leaks.

Installing filtration systems is not a hard thing to do, it just requires a bit of time and patience. Regardless of what unit it is, it will only take you a couple of hours to install them properly, but you will save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

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