How To Upgrade Your Plumbing

How to Upgrade Your Plumbing

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Looking to upgrade your plumbing?

It’s definitely not easy.

If you’re in San Jose and want a pro to do it, you might want to call a plumber.


Well, Plumbing contractors are skilled and experienced with all kinds of plumbing projects, which means they’ve specialized to do this stuff.  

That also means they’re probably not cheap

A complete overhaul of the entire plumbing system can add up fast.

So, if funds are tight, maybe you might want to watch some youtube videos and give it a go, yourself?

If you’re not too handy…just call a professional.  

There are lots of Plumbers in San Jose.

Obviously, we’d love a shot at earning your business here at Marti’s Plumbing, but even if we can’t…leave it to a pro.

Still want to try it, yourself?


First thing that you will have to do is map out the pipe system in your house. Make sure to cover every floor, every section and every single part of the system as a whole.

While you are at it, you will want to take some measurements in order to determine how much piping you will be tackling as well as how different sections are defined and limited.

Now that you have a clear mapping of the pipe system, it is time to decide how to go about the new system. In general, it is recommended to keep to the same design of the pipe system with only a few minor modifications here and there, often times revolving around extra access hatches and openings to make repairs and maintenance easier.

You can, however, modify it even more. It is, at the end of the day, your project for your own home.

One of the most popular pipe system layouts is the concealed layout. However the best thing that you can do is create multiple concealed access hatches along the walls and floors through which the pipes run.

Once you’ve made up your mind, have the mapping in front of you, it is time to go stock up.

You will want to go for plastic pipes. They are a lot more flexible, and a lot more durable than the metal alternatives.

They don’t corrode over time and they are able to compensate volumetrically in order to deal with increased pressure or even tight blockages.

The only disadvantage being the fact that they tend to cause a bit more condensation, which can be easily dealt with if maintained regularly.

Buy as much pipe as you need. In fact it is a better idea to get a bit more pipe than what you have originally mapped. Running out of pipe is never a good thing, and plastic pipes are easily molded and shaped.

Next on your shopping list is a special plastic pipe cutter. Make sure that it matches the size of your pipe, meaning that it will be able to cut it.

Along with the pipe cutter, you will need a soldering tool. It looks like a flat iron pan with 2 heads. This tool super-heats itself, you introduce the 2 heads in the ends of pipes in order to enlarge them and slightly melt them on the inside. This means that you can slide the other end into the enlarged end, effectively soldering them together and creating a pressure-proof airtight seal.

Make sure to get as many junctions, intersections and corners as you need, as well as basic plumbing tools if you find yourself lacking them.

Once you are done shopping for resources, turn off the water in the entire household, bleed the system dry, and discard any remaining water or moisture.

Once there is no more water in the system, it is time to start replacing the pipe. Simply work your way through the system and replace it bit by bit and part by part.

Start with the actual water pipes first and leave the drainage pipes as well as the septic pipes for last.

Remember to take it nice and slow, don’t rush and always triple-check every single thing that you do.

If in doubt, or simply worried, you can call a local San Jose plumber to come and check the system out. He will be at least able to tell you if you are heading in the right direction or not.

It will take you quite a bit of time and the project itself will not get any easier as you go along, however make sure to not rush it, and whatever you do, don’t look to patch things if you set them up incorrectly. Simply take that section apart and try again.

That being said, a complete plumbing system overhaul and upgrade is possible for a DIY plumber, however it will take a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of resources in order to pull off.

And if you make sure to have a San Jose plumber come take a look at it and give you a hand every now and again when you fear that you’ve hit a bump, then you are more or less guaranteed a great job.

If you’d rather leave it to a Professional Plumber, give us a call.

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