How To Modify Pipes

How To Modify Pipes

Ever experience this on some of your home repair DIY plumbing projects?

The pipes don’t fit?

The measurements, they’re just off by a little bit.

While not noticeable at first, when you try to install them….bam.

Don’t you hate that?

This is because different pipes and different types of pipes, even though they are made using the same standards and the same regulations that are imposed on the industry, the pipes themselves tend to warp and suffer modifications after the fabrication process.

It might be something that occurs during shipping, maybe they have been stored in an environment that was too cold or too hot which caused the metal or plastic to change some properties, and  the list goes on.

With that in mind, you will have to make some minor modifications to the pipes in order to make them fit.

Be warned, though…you don’t want to put too much force or too much effort into it, you risk causing structural damage to the pipes if you go overboard with it.

Widening The Lips

This is one of the  most common modifications that you will have to make to the pipes, because it is usually the first problematic area.

When dealing with metal pipes, what you will want to be doing is put pressure and force in equal amounts on the actual lip of the pipe, on the inside of the pipe and pushing towards the outside.

Use a dense stone if you have one on hand or purchase one from your local San Jose hardware store.

When dealing with plastic pipes, on the other hand, you will hand to apply heat to the entire lip, this tine on the exterior of the pipe, and with either a piece of dense stone or a metal tool, push on the outside.

There are also special tools that can widen the lips of plastic pipes with the same principle, however they tend to be a bit pricey.

Slight Middle Bend

This modification actually involves bending the pipe in question around ts middle area.

You will usually have to make this slight modification when the pipe in question has trouble fitting into enclosed spaces or needs to be bent in order to accommodate other things like light fixtures, smaller pipes, cables and so on.

The way in which you do this varies slightly from pipe to pipe, however the principle is the same.

For metal pipes, fill it up with water, seal it at both ends, freeze it and try to bend it around a pole. Freezing water in the pipe reduces the chances of it collapsing on itself when being bent, however you will have to put a significant amount of pressure and strength into it when bending.

For plastic pipes, what you want to do is run a cable through the pipe, make sure that the cable is significantly thick, and pull on the ends of the cable in order to bend the pipe.

Use a pole or even your foot as a middle anchor point for the bend if the pipe is thin enough to be bent by your leg.

These are just a few of the minor modifications that you can do to your pipes by yourself, however if you don’t feel confident in your abilities, you can always call upon your friendly neighborhood San Jose plumber to come give you a helping hand.

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