How To Hire A Plumber In San Jose – Checklist

How To Hire A Plumber In San Jose – Your Checklist

So, you live in or near San Jose and you need a plumber, right?  Read this article is you want quick and simple checklist you can (and should) use to help you figure out how to hire a plumber in San Jose without getting hosed.  In a nutshell, you definitely don’t want to hire anyone hourly, if you can avoid it, you want itemized expenses for anything that was done and, if ever it’s feasible, see if you can get the parts yourself.  Once you read through this quick and short article you should be able to save money when hiring a plumber for whatever your emergency plumbing situation (I mean you only need a plumber in the event of an emergency, right?).

So, why don’t you want to go with hourly? Well, because it might cost you more in the long run.  See, the real problem with hourly work is no one really knows how long it’s going to take to bang out a plumbing job.  Some pipes are worse off than others and some plumbing fixtures are just harder to deal with than others.  The whole hourly thing can be a bit of a catch 22.  Good work might be taken care of pretty quickly while one that understandably is going to take more tiume is gonna run up the clock on cost.

So, if you do go with hourly, see if you can’t either get the total cost capped that way you know it’s not going to run you into infinity pricing while your pipes get fixed.  However, you might want to be prepared to have the plumber run the clock to the limit (possibly longer than he actually needs to be there) just to get the max amount.   Once you get the bill, make sure the costs are spelled out for you.

An itemized bill of expenses shouldn’t take you a high level degree to understand.  You want to know what you were charged for, for the labor and the materials.  This allows you to see costs for everything in more detail.  Not only will this help you feel better now, but you’ll then also be able to better gauge how much a job “should” cost you for the next plumbing fiasco.  And, let’s not kid ourselves, there will always, unfortunately, be a next time.  When it comes, now that you know how much materials cost, see if you can’t round up some resources to get costs of material down.   Have a few spots mapped out with material pricing like your local hardware store or Home Depot.

Whenever there is a next time, if you can get the parts yourself, maybe you can do that.  You just might save a few dollars because some plumbers actually mark up material prices (not that we do…but we’ve seen it before).  If you’re able to save on materials, all you really have to discuss is labor costs, which we’ve already addressed, right?

Just doing these few things could save you quite a bit of money for whatever your plumbing problem.  Pipes, toilets, heaters, etc….it’s stuff you need to live a normal life, but it shouldn’t cost you your entire life savings just to get it fixed.  If you can get a flat rate fee plumber, go with him / her.  If you can separate and figure out what the itemized expenses are and, perhaps, get the materials yourself, you can save yourself some money on your next requirement for a San Jose Plumber.

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Plumber San Jose Checklist

Plumber San Jose Checklist

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