Checklist: How To Hire The Right San Jose Plumber

Checklist: How To Hire The Right San Jose Plumber

If you’re curious about the best way to go about hiring a good San Jose Plumber then you’ll want to read this article.

First, check some online reviews (You know like, Yelp or something like that), check with neighbors, see what others think about the outfit you’re thinking of hiring.

Don’t just take the words of friends and family.

Here’s why:

Living in Silicon Valley, home of the world famous Google, we all know competition is just a quick search away from you having the pick of many other San Jose Plumbers in the area.

It’s also not a stretch to see you checking out some of the local directories.

Places like Yelp are a good way to do some comparison shopping to any plumbing outfit you want to do some research on.

If they’ve got tons of great ratings and feedback from real users then it’s probably a safe bet to assume they’re good folks to work with.  Besides, third party reviews are generally considered unbiased and therefore, super trustworthy.

With strict filtering components it’s pretty hard for businesses to game those types of systems.

If you don’t like those third party review sites then your next best bet is to check with nearby neighbors.

If your next door neighbors are all using the same plumber then that must either mean that plumber is really charming or, perhaps, they’re a good plumbing company in San Jose to work with.

Your neighbors may not all use the same plumbing company, but when more of them use a specific one more than not, why not go with the one with the higher vote of confidence and the greater use consensus?

San Jose Plumbers that get called on more are probably just as good as any recommendations.

At Marti’s San Jose Plumber, we thrive off of our client’s recommendations and referrals.  

We also rely on local business recommendations.

If you’re active in the San Jose, CA community, you already know most small businesses thrive here in the shadow of big tech companies.

We rely heavily on interconnected networking relationships.

San Jose is still a young growing city, yet.  Because of this, networking is definitely key.

Real estate agents know this pretty well; they’re networking experts, which is why it’s not a bad idea to get feedback from some of those folks.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to ask around with some of the local San Jose hardware shops as they do a lot of business with Plumbers in San Jose.

Whatever you do, the least helpful bunch of folks to get feedback from, surprisingly, might be your own friends and family.

Again, here’s why:

Friends and family usually don’t do much more research than you might have (before reading this article), which means they’re not any more qualified to make useful recommendations than anyone else for that matter.

Now, that doesn’t make them bad, I’m just saying it’s not like they usually did much diligence.

It’s even possible that they know a friend who does plumbing on the side or some sort of handyman that does it in his spare time type of situation.

That’s fine and well if you don’t care about someone that’s licensed, bonded, insured and is professionally established, but if you do care about quality this had better be something you give a little consideration to.  

Now you know exactly how to figure out who is the best plumber to hire in the San Jose area.  You simply check out online reviews, check with your local neighbors, check with local businesses and finally you can ask your friends and family, but let them be the last resort.

Since you’re already here on this page, we’re in San Jose, we’ve got fabulous reviews and we’d love to help you if you’re having an emergency plumbing problem.  Why not give us a call.  

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